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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Planning Board minutes 06.12.2018


Present: Mitch Call, Mark Carpenter, Gary Backstrom, Gerald DeBonis, Diane Callahan, Bill Joyner

Mr. Call opened the meeting at 6:15PM.

Mr. Call opened the Public Hearing, as noticed of proposed Zoning and Building Ordinance and Regulations previously developed by the Planning Board which included:

Section XXV: Accessory Dwelling Unit – required septic system section

Section IV: Regulations relating to all districts – stone walls

Regulations: Driveway Permits

After presentation of Section XXV: ADUs, and Section IV: Stone Walls, a motion was made to accept these proposed amendments to the Zoning and Building Ordinance to be brought to the town as ballot questions at Town Meeting March 2019. Motion seconded and approved unanimously by the Board

After presentation of the proposed Driveway Regulations and discussion from the public Mr. Call made the following Motion:


The section on Stone Walls, as heard on this series of Public Hearings, would not become effective until approved at a Town Meeting and

The proposed Regulation on Driveways refers to it and becomes immediately effective upon approval by the Planning Board:

Moved that the Stone Wall Section be appended to the Driveway Regulation until such time as the proposed Article IV, Section H is either approved or disapproved at the town meeting.

The motion was seconded by Mr. DeBonis and approved unanimously by the Board.

A motion was made and seconded (Call/Carpenter) to confirm the Driveway Regulations as amended. The Motion was approved unanimously.

As there was no other business a motion was made and seconded (Carpenter/Backstrom) to adjourn the Hearing. The Motion was approved unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Joyner

Date approved___________________

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Mitchell Call, Marc Carpenter, Gary Backstrom, Gerald DeBonis